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Alegra salud arises from the company TicTouch. Tecnología y Bienestar (Technology and Well-being), spin-off of the University of Seville, specialized in the development of R&D in the health sector. As a result of the work carried out at that stage, arises the interest of transforming these projects into real solutions which can improve people's lives.

NOur contribution, supported by numerous studies by the WHO, is based on the premise that everyone can have a higher quality of life and significantly reduce health risks if they know the proper guidelines to care for themselves on a daily basis. For this reason, we work on the design of specific programs in different areas of health, thanks to tailored services based on the continuous support and assistance by health professionals through new technologies, supporting people closely in a way specially adapted to them, helping them to feel safer, more informed and healthier.

Alegra salud offers health care, tools, and support for taking care of health.

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